Monuments of Brittany

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The parliament of Britain was established in March 1541 by an edict of Henry II. He sat permanently in the palace of Parliament of Brittany in Rennes, from 1709 until its dissolution by the French Revolution in February 1790.

This monument has been completely restored after the fire of February 5, 1994, as a result of an incident related to violent manifestations of fishermen.

The building houses the court of Rennes since 1804 until today.

The citadel of port louis

The citadel of Port-Louis was built from 1591 by the Spaniards, led by Cristóbal de Rojas, and amended in the seventeenth century by the French.

It is located on a rocky point at the entrance to the harbor of Lorient.

The museums of the Citadel :

- national Maritime Museum

- museum of the East India Company

The Citadel and the walls are classified as historical monuments since 29 April 1948.

THE HalL OF Faouët

The Halles of Faouët are classified as historical monuments since May 18, 1914.

Built in 1542, the market has undergone numerous restorations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

As in all the cities that had the hall belonged to the local lord. He had the right to establish a market and build a hall for shelter. The halls were a place of strong economic activity. In Faouët it was mostly fair to cows and horses.

The hall covers an area of​940 m2.

Their 53 dimensions of 19 m are impressive.


The tower of «de la Motte Tanguy» occupies a privileged position along the Penfeld opposite the castle of Brest.

It was probably part of a fortification system established to protect or prevent, depending on the circumstances, communications between the two sides.

In 1954, the City of Brest became the owner has chosen to do a museum to talk about the past of the old town which there remained little witness history.

The Tanguy Tower has huge dioramas are all pageants and walks through the picturesque streets of Brest before 1939.

The castle of Brest is the oldest monument in the city of Brest.

The port of Légué

The port of Légué, located in the heart of a valley, offer to the city a coastline full of charm that has the best equipment.

Located on the left bank of Gouët the Légué takes its name the words "Lez guer" or "Ker" meaning "near the city" or a ford.

The Légué sends ships to Newfoundland in the late seventeenth century. It will also be the coasting trade with British Isles and Normandy.

From the eighteenth century, the port is experiencing successful maritime activities: fishing becomes a tradition.

In recent years, Saint-Brieuc reclaims its maritime past.

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Brittany has a large number of monuments with great historic interest. Thus, with more than 2,900 historical monuments, this region is ranked the second best of France.

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