The Mont Saint Michel

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The abbey and its dependencies are classified as historical monuments. The town and the bay are listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Breton or Norman ? History tells us that it was Breton and Norman.

The Couesnon, the coastal river which mouth has been marked for centuries the official border between Normandy and Brittany, has apparently changed its straying to throw either east or west of Mont Saint Michel. When some natural boundaries are mobile, it becomes very difficult to establish a property title.

Today the official border between Brittany and Normandy is fixed regardless of the geographic variation of the Couesnon. Thus, the Mount can not change region and is located and operated in Normandy.

Whatever quarrels, Mont Saint Michel is a wonderful monument.

This is a major site for tourists ... most of whom arrived at the station in Rennes in Brittany, before traveling to Normandy to find out !

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The Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay are the second destination in France (after Paris) with more than 3 million visitors each year!

Between land and sea, the polders of the Bay of Mont Saint Michel are a great landscape and human wealth.

Located at Four Salines in the city of Roz sur Couesnon, this seventeenth century building offers visitors a museum space illustrated with models, panels and screenings.

It can discover a specific and almost unique wealth in France :

the Polders.


LA MERE POULARD (the mother Poulard)

The "Mere Poulard" was born in 1851 and died in 1931 at Mont Saint-Michel.

She was a French cook.

In her first and modest establishment in Mont Saint Michel, la Mère Poulard is waiting its customers with an omelet of its making to wait for the main course.

It is cooked in a fire of dry wood directly on the hearth. This omelette dew, slobbery, steaming and tasty desire is far exceeded the reputation of its other famous dishes yet.

Today, it is world famous and tourists come from a far to enjoy this famous omelette Mere Poulard.

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