Museums of Brittany

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The brittany of the year 1000

This village was deserted by its inhabitants a few centuries after its creation. the remains are well preserved and have been the subject of scientific research. It is the testimony of the life of Breton peasants around the millennium.

Today, in addition to visiting the archaeological remains can attend a reconstruction of the village, the architecture of the houses, the potter's oven, the bread oven.

Animal landraces are present, and a garden which hosts plants of the Middle Ages where you can also discover their therapeutic properties.

A reconstruction of a village in Brittany in 1000.

national MUSEUM OF Navy

Located on the Atlantic entrance of the inlet, which controls the port of Lorient, the citadel of Port Louis is a fascinating site. The National Maritime Museum presents a beautiful collection of boats, weapons and historical models.

The course and its two thematic areas : rescue and ocean treasures.

Inside the citadel de Port-Louis

Museum of fisher

The walled town, the heart of Concarneau fisheries history, hosts one of the oldest maritime museums. The discovery of the history of fisheries from the beginning to the present day through the exploration of Hémérica, deep-sea trawler moored at the museum, visiting places you immersed in maritime heritage.

Inside the walled city of Concarneau


From the mid-nineteenth century, the rich heritage and traditions of Faouët attract many French and foreign artists in central Brittany.

Located in a former convent of the Ursulines of the seventeenth century, the Museum of Faouët offers two annual exhibitions.

His collection consists of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures, includes more than 450 works, which are made ​​by rolling during temporary exhibitions.

450 artworks in a former convent.

MUSEUM Ernest Renan

Today, the birthplace of Ernest Renan in Tréguier is a museum dedicated to his life and his work.

Received first aggregation philosophy en1848, Ernest Renan graduated Doctor of Philosophy with a thesis in philosophy.

It will make several trips and missions in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Asia Minor and Greece.

Professor of Hebrew at the Collège de France, he was quickly suspended for remarks deemed sacrilegious about Jesus Christ. In 1863, the publication of "Life of Jesus", was a great success and scandal.

Ernest Renan will be treated blasphemer by Pope Pius IX.

Despite these events, he was elected to the French Academy, he became director of the College de France and will be elevated to the rank of Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor.

L'Etoile du Roy is a 47 meters long pirate frigate. It is a replica of a building malouin the eighteenth century and the second largest traditional French ship. Its home port is the port of Saint-Malo.

This frigate with three square towers 310 tons with 240 crew was militarized with 20 guns. Merchant ship in peacetime, it became pirate ship in time of war, Admiral of France issuing a letter of marque authorizing the captain to attack enemy buildings Roy. Fast and maneuverable vessel capable of crossing oceans and protect its valuable cargo, the malouine frigate had much advantage because of its versatility.  The frigate ship is open to the public when it is in its port of Saint-Malo. This is an opportunity to experience life on board these ships of the 18th century and the Malouine history.

L’Etoile du roy

A corsair frigate to visit in Saint Malo.

The Departmental Breton Museum is housed in the former Palace of the Bishops of Cornwall in Quimper.

It is in the great monument of this city, that are presented archeology and arts Finistere.

His visit is an important introduction to who wants to discover Brittany.

The departemental Breton Museum contains fabulous treasures:

- golden Bronze Age jewelry and the Iron Age

- dinner money to Roman times

- gold coins of Gallic populations

- costume, furniture, Quimper faience

- large collections of archeology


A discovery of the Breton identity.

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Navy, fishing, sailing city, cathedral, etc. .... Brittany has a large number of museums with a great variety of topics.

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