Majors megaliths in Brittany

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Menhir of Champ - Dolent

Located at Dol-de-Bretagne, this menhir is about 10 mètres high. It was once topped by a Christian cross.

Cairn of Barnenez

The cairn of Barnenez is a megalithic site located in the municipality of Plouezoc'h.

The monument consists of two parts and eleven rooms.

The oldest part of the dry stone tumulus dates from the Neolithic - 4 850 - 4 450 predates the first pyramids.

This is the oldest known continental megalithic construction.

THE roche aux fées

The dolmen consists of more than 40 stones forming a large corridor.

Concerning the function of the building, most researchers still question its role (social, cultural, religious, funerary, astronomical, astrological, artistic, agricultural, etc ...)

Nord-nord-ouest/sud-sud-est its orientation is such that the sun rises in line with the latter during the winter solstice.

Its name comes from a legend claiming that the stones were made ​​by fairies.

After thousands of years of existence, the megaliths are far from having revealed all their secrets.

The Roche-aux-fées is a dolmen-shaped covered walkway located in the municipality of Essé.

This is the highest menhir In Brittany which is still standing.

THe alignments of Carnac

The megaliths of Carnac are located in the town of Carnac on a unique megalithic site consisting of menhirs, dolmens and covered walkways over four kilometers.

The Carnac stones are an exceptionally dense collection of megalithic sites.

Stones were hewn from local rock and erected by the pre-Celtic people of Brittany, and are the largest such collection in the world.

The stones were erected at some stage during the Neolithic period, probably around 3300 BC, but some may date to as old as 4500 BC.

The alignments of Carnac account for almost 4000 standing stones.

megalithic SITE of


The large broken Er Grah Locmariaquer menhir is a unique monument: 18.5 meters high, three meters wide, weighing up to 280 tons. This is the largest menhir in Europe. It was established during the fifth millennium BC. It now fall on the ground and broke into four pieces.

It is part of a monumental complex involving three families of megalithic monuments (barrows - Cairn - menhir).

Its the biggest menhir in Europa !

Tumulus OF Gavrinis

It was built sometime in 3500BC, or a time when the island was still attached to the mainland.

It has a diameter of about 50 meters and contains a single dolmen bedroom with a 14 meter long corridor which walls are composed of tiles decorated with engravings.

It is a real jewel of Neolithic art !

As such, it is now regarded by archaeologists as one of the finest megalithic monuments in the world.

The mound is located in the south of the island of Gavrinis, the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan.

All megaliths of Saint Just form a curiosity not to be missed ...

It locates in the moors of Cojoux. It offers visitors monuments and shrines, with remarkably diverse datings that range from 4500 years to 1500 years.

The oldest are dolmens and passage graves in pits, with firm dolmens sides and mounds.

In the late Neolithic, it was built more elaborately as the covered pathways, Tréal and Sarazin Four books ...

A trail of 7 km to discover the monuments from other time updated by the latest archaeological excavations.

Saint Just

Itºs the second megalithic site of France.

The present tumulus of Er Grah is the result of a restoration in 1992.

It is a part of a larger project involving three families of megalithic monuments (barrows - Cairn - menhir).

This is a huge trapeze and is 140m long, 16m wide, and 26m north to south, with the lowest height of 2m.

The northern part appears as a cairn surrounded by a large slab, on the south border are earthy stones.

THE tumulus OF Er Grah

A restoration of tumulus

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