Cities of characters

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She surprised by the diversity of architectural styles represented: half-timbered houses, buildings Gothic Renaissance mansions, classic hotels, nineteenth architecture ...

But the ubiquitous stone makes a coherent picture of the various testimonies of history.

The city has the twelfth century castle on a rocky outcrop by the Lords of Rochefort on the site of ancient Gallo-Roman fortifications. The town developed from the castle and its name appears in 1260.

Rochefort en terre is situated on a rocky hill overlooking the valley of Gueuzon.

Le Faou

The establishment of the town dates back to the eleventh century, at the bottom of one of the many estuaries of the Bay of Brest, the prerequisite for joining the Crozon peninsula.

This unique location gives this old feudal city a long history and a rich heritage. The Faou experienced intense port activity with transport of oak and beech above (ar faou in Breton), the trees inhabit the forest Cranou.

The main street is lined with corbelled houses dating from the sixteenth century are built of schist and granite, slate coated front and capped a high gear.

Facing the harbor, stands the magnificent St Saviour Church (1544-1680) at the end bell lanterns.

Twenty-three houses are protected and is classified.


Locronan flourished in the sixteenth century by the industry sailcloth which was the largest sponsors, including the East India Company.

Its heyday, the village has retained a central cobbled square decorated with a well, the vast church of St Ronan, Renaissance granite houses.

Around the church, the village rooftops are true works of art.

The important architectural heritage of Locronan, allows the village today to be one of the most beautiful villages in France.


cité médiévale

The medieval city of Moncontour is still surrounded towering ramparts of thirteenth and fourteenth century that allowed him the time to defend Lamballe capital Penthièvre.

Until the Industrial Revolution, Moncontour was marked by the production of Berlingue (linen and hemp) exported to India.

From this flourishing period remain beautiful town houses, the town hall and the church.

Montcontour is located 25 miles south of Saint-Brieuc.

Saint Suliac

Between land and sea, on a side hill and facing the ocean, with its small houses clustered around their tower and its many small winding streets and charming, Saint Suliac does not leave indifferent.

Gazebo on the estuary of the Rance, Saint-Suliac long remained a village in which Newfoundlanders watched the Virgin Grainfollet.

Tide mill, old salt, menhir ... are among the attractions that you can see in this a typical Breton village port.

A typical Breton village port.

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Tourist elements of a rural world, the cities of character offer a lot of beautifull surprises !

In Brittany, they are 22 small cities that have a real architectural interest.

By renting a minibus car with driver, tourists can easily travel and visit many of them during their stay. Indeed, a minibus car hire with driver allows you to visit a very typical and picturesque Brittany.