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Lannion, the capital of Trégor

On a site dating back to the Neolithic, Lannion has developed around the ford, defended by a castle, which allowed the cross Leaving the river.

Visit the historic districts of the city is required: pits carved wooden studs, caryatids, sundial, mansions and manor houses, house watchtower former convent and cloister frescoes, altarpieces and encrypts decline ... a wonderful architectural palette.

This medieval town has preserved its half-timbered houses and slate with carved decorations, reflecting the taste and wealth of the inhabitants. The facades of the mansions and manors are embracing massive towers housing former power spiral staircases to the upper floors.

The city, surrounded by ramparts, lived in the Middle Ages, the tides and port activities.

Vannes and its ramparts

The Romans founded the city of Vannes in the first century BC.

They made ​​it the capital of the Veneti, the people who then occupied the area.

From the fifth century, the church will create a bishopric, and the city has a long économique.Au expansion fifteenth century, a time Vannes become the official capital of Brittany.

It will then be chosen as the prefecture of the Morbihan after the French Revolution.

The old town is enclosed within its walls, grouped around St. Peter's Cathedral, before the marina. It was converted into a pedestrian zone and offers businesses located in old and charming half-timbered houses.

The city is built in an amphitheater at the bottom of the Gulf of Morbihan.

Saint Malo,

the corsair city

Saint Malo, the city appears to be a ship with a powerful architecture.

A city where resonate storms and high tides in every street. The maritime world is ubiquitous in the history of the people, in their marine practices in the iconic characters, shipowners, navigators, explorers, pirates, Newfoundlanders or skippers.

The fortune of the city becomes huge in the seventeenth century, its owners lend money to King Louis XIV and constructing malouinières that mark the hinterland.

The walls and the gate of St. Vincent were built in the eighteenth century.

Concarneau, the walled city

Seaside city, a port city, the historical and cultural place, Concarneau has become a popular summer resort.

The city was formed in the Middle Ages from the "closed city" located in the estuary of the Moros.

This natural shelter development has the seventh French fishing port in terms of tonnage landed and major shipyards.

Heart of city surrounded by fortifications, the walled town invites you to discover the past and wander in its shopping streets and wide avenues favor maritime spectacle.

Coves and sandy beaches are safe from one of the most beautiful bays of Brittany.

Dinan on the rance

The town of Dinan is a walled city by ramparts.

Strategic point for traffic between Normandy and the north coast of Brittany, Dinan is mainly built on a hill. It was defended by an imposing castle.

The city dominates the 75 m Rance which flows north to empty into the English Channel between Saint-Malo and Dinard.

Dinan proposed long bridge over the north through the Rance estuary and wide.

The town of Dinan is a walled city by ramparts.

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Cities of art and history have a former great architectural interest, urban and cultural heart. They are twenty in Brittany territory.

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