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Abbey of Beauport

L'abbaye de Beauport Beauport Abbey was founded in 1202 with the help of Comte de Goëlo who donated the land to the abbey.

Following the recommandations of Prosper Merimee, the abbey is the subject of a classification as historical monuments by the list of 1862, ending the plunder she had suffered.

In 1992, the site became the property of the Coastal. Major restorations were carried out in collaboration with the General Council of the Cotes d'Armor and craftsmen.

Beauport Abbey has become in recent years one of the major tourist attractions in Britain.

The abbey was very successful in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. It declined after 1750 and was closed in 1790.

Cathedral of

Saint Pol de Leon

The current basilica-cathedrale is a Gothic church, influenced by the Norman style, built on the ruins of a Romanesque church of the twelfth century.

It was completed in the second half of the sixteenth century.

It is inspired in particular the Cathedral of Coutances.

It prepares its two dissimilar towers to imposing towers with a height of 55m. The nave, 84 m long and 16 m high, was built in Caen stone. The rest of the building is made of granite.

The square has been redone with granite from ... China!

abbey of Bon Repos

On the board of the canal from Nantes to Brest, the abbey of Bon-Repos welcomes you for a restful, cultural and historical break in beautiful surroundings : forest Quénécan, gorges Daoulas, covered walkways to Liscuis dating from 3000 BC ....

Founded in 1184 by Alain de Rohan III and Constance of Brittany, she enjoyed centuries of prosperity and periods of crisis that the revolution put an end point. Sold as national property, it gradually fell into disuse, becoming stone quarry. In 1986, a handful of enthusiasts, founded the Association of Journeymen of the Abbey of Bon Repos to meet this 18th century building and restore it to its place in the cultural center Britain.

Today Abbey good-rest welcomes thousands of visitors to see the restored buildings highlighted by numerous exhibitions of contemporary art and heritage as well as numerous events throughout the year.

Churchyard of Pleyben

This enclosure is made ​​of a church, a nightmare, an ossuary and a triumphal arch.

The church was placed on the list of historic monuments in 1846, Calvary was ranked in 1875 and the ossuary was classified in 1914.

The monumental ordeal in front of the church is the most massive of all Britain.

cathedral of Tréguier

Saint-Tugdual Cathedral of Tréguier was the cathedral of the former diocese of Tréguier (one of nine bishoprics of historic Britain until 1790).

It was built in Gothic style in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. However, the building has a Romanesque part (Hasting round) retained the earlier Romanesque cathedral.

The cathedral has the interesting distinction of having three towers, all bearing on the transept.

Inside the tomb of St. Yves, the saint of Brittany.

abbey of daoulas

L’abbaye de Daoulas offers visitors registered or classified monuments, its park and garden of medicinal plants.

A Romanesque abbey

The origin of the abbey dates back to the year 510, but the oldest known documents, dated from the 12th century, attest its foundation in the year 1167 by the Vicomte de Leon.

This former abbey church remain today and cloister novels historical monuments and numerous accounts of art in Brittany 10th to the 16th century.

A cultural center:

Founded here in 1986, it was designed as a crossroads of cultures. He specializes in organizing exhibitions to the meeting of civilizations. (The Bronze Age, British Treasures, Ancient China, Maya, Peru ...)

The herb garden:

Walled, it brings on two levels near two hundred and fifty species representative of the traditional pharmacopoeia of the five continents.

The Daoulas Abbey is now a cultural center open to the world.

cathedral Saint‑Corentin

Saint‑Corentin cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic art Breton, was built in Quimper on an old Romanesque sanctuary of the eleventh century, the Church of Our Lady. It is classified as historical monuments.

After 20 years of work, the restaurant to discover all periods of its construction: architecture of the thirteenth, fifteenth and polychrome chapel dedicated to Breton saints of the eighteenth century.

It is one of the three oldest Gothic cathedrals in Britain, with those of Saint-Pol-de-Leon and Treguier.

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Brittany is a very religious area and is covered with a multitude of monuments, churches and parish enclosures and beautiful abbeys and cathedrals. Throughout the territory abounds stone cross, statues and chapels. A minibus car hire with driver can show you about this Brittany side and you will take consience of the importance of the religion.

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