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Ulysses - du 5 avril au 3 novembre 2013

Odysseus has wandered for 20 years on the seas became a legendary hero.

He still inspires contemporary artists through topics such as adventure, wandering, longing for the homeland, the sea ...

A series of exhibitions dedicated to the various figures of Odysseus throughout the UK.

L'art dans les chapelles - du 5 juillet au 15 septembre 2013

In summer, the contemporary art and religious heritage meet.

Festival Photo Peuples & Nature - 1er juin au 30 septembre 2013

The largest outdoor Photo Festival in France.

Established 10 years ago, it has attracted over 2 million visitors around the largest international photographers. An ethical and humanistic Photo crossing eyes of photographers from the world of art and photojournalism.

Dinard fait son cinéma ! - du 31 aout au  1er octobre

Each year, ahead of the British Film Festival, the city of Dinard offers the general public free movie sessions with "Dinard at the cinema! ".

Quai des bulles - 25, 26, 27 octobre 2013

The last weekend of October is an opportunity for 400 cartoonists find themselves at the festival bubbles Quai Saint Malo!

Yaouank –  du 4 au 23 novembre 2013

Breton, Yaouank is translated as "young." Install the Breton tradition in modernity is the bet of the festival since 1999!

A mixture demusique Breton, world music and contemporary Yaouank is well known for its grand finale evening: the biggest fest-noz in the world.

Les vieilles charrues - du 17 au 20 juillet 2014

The Old Ploughs Festival is a music festival, hosting artists from diverse backgrounds. It has become the largest festival of French music in terms of attendance, causing attracted public displays eclectic and festive and friendly atmosphere. This annual festival lasts four days and begins in mid-July in Carhaix Plouguer Central Brittany.

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