Nature : Armor & Argoat

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The gulf of morbihan

The gulf du Morbihan is an inland sea with a width of 20 kilometers dotted with many islands and islets.

It is popular destination for its beautiful landscapes covering a hundred square kilometers and the beauty of countless islands, Arz, Gavrinis Berder, Ile aux Moines.

The wonders of Golf can not be not discovered at once, but in a life.

The «pointe du raz»

The « pointe du Raz» is a rocky headland in Brittany.

The shape of bow jutting out into the sea of Iroise with a level difference of 72 meters, making it the most emblematic place of Brittany coast.

It is a tourist destination of international repute which is labeled Grand Site of France.

The beauty of the site is reinforced by those of the nearby coast.  You can see the huge bay of Douarnenez.

Between ocean waves and steep cliffs, a spectacular and impressive site.

THe «monts d'Arrée»

Tes Monts d'Arrée (Menez Are) are an ancient mountain range of the western part of the Armorican Brittany.

Their landscape is very close to those of Ireland and Wales, with its rocks that emerge from the vegetation consists mainly of moorland, which is typical of Argoat.

This is the heart of Lower Brittany (Breizh Izel-), the "true Brittany" with its traditions, its legends and counts, its ecosystem.

«Les monts d'Arrée» are part of the Brittany regional park established in 1969.

The lac of Guerlédan

The lake of Guerlédan is an artificial lake that materializes, in part, the boundary between the Morbihan and the Côtes d'Armor. Its name comes from Brittany Vannes "Gouer ledan" (the broad brook).

This lake was created (1923-1930) to power the dam Guerledan.

The creation of the dam cut the continuity of river traffic on the canal from Nantes to Brest, which borrows this place, the price of Blavet. 17 Canal locks were drowned in the lake.

Today it is a tourist mecca for practicing various water sports or walking on the shore.

With 400 ha, it is 12 km long and 40 m deep lake Guerledan is the largest artificial lake in Britanny.

THE BAY OF Saint-Brieuc

The largest reserve of Britanny is a hotbed bird.

Split into two handles (the handle of Yffiniac & the handle of Morieux) forming a wetland of international interest, it was declared a nature reserve in 1998 because it provides protection of fauna and flora that thrive in peace.

Always been the crossroads of migration, some birds like to do it step while others have made ​​their home for nesting. Including paths Bay and over time, it is not less than 40 000 birds of 112 different species that can be observed at leisure.

The reserve encompasses all environments characterizing a bay: sand and fine sands, mudflats and salt marshes and dunes of Bon Abri (terrestrial part of the reserve) and cliffs.


It comes in the form of a plateau 17 km long and 9 km wide, 85 km ² with an average elevation of 40 meters cut by numerous small valleys.

Valleys cut into the high rocks, leading to beautiful beaches.

Typical small harbors and rugged coastline will make you appreciate this piece of land located off Quiberon.

Belle-Île is the largest of the Britanny islands peaking at 63 meters.

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Argoat is the country of the interior with the smell of earth, wet undergrowth, mysterious moors, this is the rocky peaks of the Monts d'Arre, etc...

Armor is a coastal country with smells of iodine, seaweed washed up on the beaches, this is the ocean, its treasures and its dangers, etc...

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